Common toilet issues

Damn broken toilet … surely you would like to know how to fix the toilet, because it does not stop dripping, and that dripping noise of eating the head … and over spilling water … It’s time to do something!

Surely you have not changed the toilet flushing system ever, and it’s time to do it. You can call a plumber that fixes toilets like this one Or in a moment do it yourself. It really does not make you need to know about plumbing to fix a dripping, leaking tank, and it does not stop flowing. With our advice, in 10 minutes you have fixed the tank. Shall we begin?

Prerequisites for fixing tank

The system of discharge of the shitter is very simple: When the chain opens, a valve lets out the water. This water comes from the back of the tank, which will then gradually refill. When the float that we can see inside it reaches a certain height, it acts as a closure so that water does not continue entering the tank.

Causes of leaks in the toilet

When you notice that the water does not stop, it has some leakage, and water always comes out. The first thing to do to fix it, is to determine the causes:

– The filling valve may not seal properly and allow a little water to pass through. It is located at the bottom inside the tank.

– Could be problems with the float. The float of a toilet is connected to the float valve, through a rod. This connection is carried out by means of a screw, which we can open and close manually.

– Runaway drain or deterioration of the toilet seat. In this case a little puddle of water appears on the foot of the toilet.


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